Rotator Cuff Repair Recovery

A shoulder surgeon treating a patient’s rotator cuff in Austin, TX.

Learn what to expect from rotator cuff repair in Austin, Texas. Discover how Dr. Szerlip can personalize your shoulder surgery for a quick recovery.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Recovery

A female patient recovering with physical therapy after a reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

Discover the benefits, procedure, and recovery of reverse shoulder replacement surgery. Regain function with Dr. Szerlip, Austin’s trusted shoulder surgeon.

Shoulder Fracture

A man with a fractured shoulder.

Discover effective treatments for a shoulder fracture in Austin, TX. Dr. Benjamin Szerlip, an expert in orthopedics, shares insights on symptoms and prevention.

SLAP Tear Symptoms

A woman experiencing SLAP tear symptoms.

Discover the causes, symptoms, and treatments for SLAP tears. Learn how Dr. Benjamin Szerlip can provide shoulder pain relief in Austin, Texas.

Understanding Shoulder Tendinopathy

Patient with shoulder tendinopathy.

Explore the causes, symptoms, and treatments for shoulder tendinopathy. Learn from Dr. Benjamin Szerlip, an expert in restoring shoulder function.

Weight Lifting Tips to Avoid Injury

A man practicing safe weight lifting techniques.

Discover the secrets to injury-free weightlifting! Uncover essential tips for perfect form, progression, warm-ups, strategic rest, and post-workout stretches.